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words, words, words

Beginning to understand both how meaningful & how utterly meaningless words can be.

My whole life I have tried to capture my experiences, memories, and visions with words -- always in complete awe of their power. words can ignite you, connect you. They can destroy you.

All the while, understanding that words are inevitably limited as to what they can convey. Like when you describe a dream to someone, they'll never fully understand it, no matter how long you go on.

When I tattooed the word "within" to my body, I was solidifying what I already knew about myself. But giving it a word and writing the symbol, translating it into a visual & auditory representation, somehow gave it power.

Polonius: What do you read, my lord? Hamlet: Words, words, words.

But now, I'm beginning to seek more experiences where there are NO WORDS...complete expression, but without the restraining categories & boxes of definitions.

Pure experience, but without the burden of trying to catch it. You can draw power from that. Sometimes when you try to describe something, you not only fail to capture it, you also somehow manage to dilute it.

And how ironic is it right now, that I'm writing this, of course, with words. Words, words, words.


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